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Leak Investigations

Client: Sand Lake

Location: Sand Lake

Leak investigations are performed as a preventative measure to avoid more costly repairs.  These repairs include dry wall, flooring,.. Read more →

Pre-Cast Double T

Client: Major Medical Center

Location: Wisconsin

Leaking joints in double T deck caused many headaches as corrosive salts were leaking through and dripping on cars… Read more →

Traffic Coating

Client: General Mitchell Airport

Location: Wisconsin

Corrosion in imbedded steel caused delamination in concrete. Spall repairs, sealant application, and a mono-lithic waterproof traffic coating adds.. Read more →

Post-Tension Work

Client: Parking Structure

Location: Illinois

Previous, less experienced repair contractor had cut thru post tensional cables. Structurewerks uncovered problem and swiftly had a new.. Read more →